Magnets and Macs Don’t Mix

The other day, I was using my iPad, along with the Applydea Maglus, nearby my MacBook. I noticed that bringing the stylus, which has a embedded magnet as its premiere feature, close to my MacBook caused the screen turn off. I mused that there was probably a sensor on the base of the laptop so that it could detect when you close the lid. After a few times of touching it to the bottom-right area, the screen went blank and did not come back. A hard reset didn’t bring it back either, so I set it aside and didn’t worry about it.

After further investigation, I believe I corrupted my hard drive doing that, and now I’m in the process of slowly bringing files and applications back onto a freshly-paved MacBook. I suppose that’s the one consolation—I have a fresh install, which is running Mountain Lion better than before.

I’ve been running CrashPlan, so I am fairly confident I haven’t lost anything critical.

How to restore an iTunes library


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