YouVersion Bible URL Scheme

After some asking and poking around, I finally figured out how to specify a range using the YouVersion Bible app’s URL scheme.

Open a range of verses


The Bible book names are specified using their standard OSIS abbreviations.

The only tricky part here was that I was expecting the arguments to be the start and end verses. But, it’s actually an enumeration of the verses you want.

And for reference, here are the other available endpoints.

Open to a specific verse


Open bookmarks


Open reading plans


Take note that this URL scheme is undocumented, meaning it may change with a future update of the app.


6 thoughts on “YouVersion Bible URL Scheme

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  2. Hey, this is great, and exactly what I needed. How did you go about finding the URL scheme? I only ask because I’m wondering if the same “reverse engineering” you applied to Youversion could be done for other ios apps. Thank you so much for this!

  3. Nick says:

    You can select multiple verses like this: JHN.3.16-17
    Also add version by adding this to the end of the url: &version=[ESV,NKJV,etc]

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