Siri Reads Kindle

iOS has some pretty amazing accessibility features that are underrated. Did you know you can have Siri read you your Kindle books? She won’t have the dramatic emotion of Morgan Freeman, but it works reasonably well. Now all of my Kindle books are audio books!

Here’s how:

  • Launch Kindle.
  • Navigate to the page you want to start reading (listening) from.
  • Turn on VoiceOver. You should add VoiceOver to your triple-click menu.
  • Now, two-finger swipe downwards, and Siri will start reading continuously.

Setting Up Triple-click

  • Go into Settings app.
  • General → Accessibility → Accessibility Shortcut
  • Make sure Voice Over is selected.



This is a really powerful feature that is baked into the OS. Props to Amazon for implementing support for this in their app so well.


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